Getting on the road

Getting started on your journey into motorcycle.

It was a summer in the early 90s when my grandad found a little Honda PX50 that my dad purchased for about £20, yes that’s correct a motorcycle for £20 it needed a spark plug and some fuel and she burst into life.

That was it for me I was about 6 years old my father got me riding it and I was off……not without a few crashes cuts and bruises mind you 😂 but I haven’t stopped since I will ride whenever I can,

If you have never ridden and would like to start your CBT (compulsory basic training) is the very first thing to do and it’s easy, the CBT is the cheapest fastest way to get on the road with a motorised vehicle for around £140 and a days training you can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc if you are 17or older, 50cc for 16 year old.

a decent second hand 125cc will cost you about £2000 and insurance well that depends on age and road experience and insurance companies but probably about £500.

So for £2640 you could be riding a motorcycle on a beautiful sunny day with mates and enjoying the felling of freedom excitement that motorcycles offer, if you are unsure if it is for you booking your CBT will definitely let you know after a 2 hour road ride tho you will be hooked and mostly likely broke because you spend every spare penny on everything bikes.

Chris Beeson

motorcycles technician

CBT instructor

motorcycle crazy enthusiast


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